Museum HIV AIDS di Thailand ( Serem ! )

Like we know that HIV/AIDS is the most dangerous disease in this world, they're the silent killer, it can kill the victim slowly.. What's the relation between HIV/AIDS in our post today?? now we like to take you down to a museum of HIV/AIDS Corpse.. this is really a weird museum, they show the HIV/AIDS Corpse... wanna know more about this?? let's go to Museum of HIV/AIDS Corpse

This Museum was located on Wat Siam Lopburi, Thailand. The purpose of this museum are for fulfill the corpse desire before they die, they want to show you and give a lessons for all people how dangerous HIV/AIDS is.

Look at their self picture on the corpse identity.. it looks so different...

If you see clearly on this picture you can see on the edge of the corpse foot there's a liquid.. even the corpse are already dried off. and if you see clearly you can see that there's a weird organism like a larva on its foot.

So stay away from drugs and free sex !

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